Contract Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication Pros

TIG Welding is utilized daily in the production of metal brackets, flanges and other parts we manufacture.
Our production welding uses both MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW) processes.

Integrated Manufacturing Tulsa is the Contract Manufacturing Division of Wiemann Metalcraft,
and since 2015, has been focused on contract manufacturing and metal fabrication excellence.

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Careful Handling of brass components that we manufacture assure that they are delivered without scratches.
Stacks of Manufactured brass electrical housings on a pallet. The finish is as-fabricated shown. Integrated can handle the manufacture of many items from bright metals such as aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.

As an ISO 9001 Compliant OEM contract manufacturer, Integrated Manufacturing Tulsa
seeks to maximize value by  partnering with Original Equipment Manufacturers to streamline work flows, minimize inventory
and deliver conforming parts and on time, every time.

Close Up Automated and Manual MIG Welding on Carbon Steel Drums. Weld appearance is as important as weld integrity to our dedicated craftsmen.

We specialize in tight tolerance fabrication, production welding, laser cutting and brake press forming a wide range of metal alloys.
Powder coating, liquid paint finishing and kitting are also core competencies.
Our state of the art fiber laser cuts copper, brass and stainless steel and other alloys.
Our skilled technicians carefully work with pre-finished metals such as copper to keep them scratch free for appearance.
Each week we cut, fold, weld and finish and pack thousands of parts for a wide range of clients.

Excellent fixturing is an essential component of producing excellent weldments.
Excellent fixturing is an essential component of producing excellent weldments. We design and fabricate all of our own fixtures.

Additionally, IMG operates a large format CNC router capable of processing aluminum honeycomb, wood, plastics and other materials.

These steel brackets are laser cut and folded to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

As a HUBZone registered manufacturing business with ITAR compliance, Integrated Manufacturing Tulsa has supported the US Military
as a supplier to the prime manufacturing flight simulation and training components.

Our attention to detail, highly skilled fabricators and our specialized processes have set us apart as a preferred supplier.
We look forward to partnering with you.

Our 4K Fiber Laser will efficiently produce excellent cut edges on a wide range of metals and thicknesses.

Integrated Manufacturing Tulsa recognizes and understands that proper planning is the cornerstone of success in manufacturing.
Our management team will plan every step and share the results to improve your bottom line.
Our goal is repeat business with repeat parts, building a business relationship
one PO at a time so Integrated Manufacturing Tulsa becomes the supplier you never have to worry about.

We deliver excellence on every part, every day.

Our late model CNC Fiber Laser is a highly accurate, cost effective tool that is ready to produce your parts.